A journey through the skin of the eternal city

It was supposed to be a quick stopover, a passage between moments of life, but…

If it’s true that all roads lead to Rome, however, when you are there, you get lost.
You get lost because Rome is made up of streets, alleys, passages and underpasses, sometimes furrows.
You get lost because you get enchanted.
You get lost because everywhere you look, there’s poetry.
Being involved and identified with its poetic reality ends up making you forget where you came from, where you are going or, what you were thinking.
You also forget about tiredness.

I can affirm this as, the journey we are about to undertake, is the result of thousands of kilometers walking for about three months.
Rome emanates information in such a powerful way that you end up getting lost in its arms, or rather, streets.
In Rome, everything is special.
A gray and rainy Sunday, turns into a reflection of how time is king.
Leaning on one of its walls, any one, allows you to listen to the sounds of time.
Rome is a secular, unique city.
Rome is a lady, it doesn’t need lights or huge outdoors to seduce.
All roads lead to Rome but, when you are there, in its streets you get lost without fear.

“To my brother,
for encouraging my steps.
To my parents,
for letting me walk.
To Romano, Titta, Sandra, and Serena,
for teaching me what it means to love.
– Ale
between myth and reality

A skin, wrinkled by time, but fresh, as that of a newborn.

In the walls of a centuries-old city, the history of the civilization we know. Walls that merge between before Christ, and the day before yesterday. The remote past, and the future, coexisting harmoniously, creating a one-of-a-kind identity. A solitary and silent journey, between red, yellow, and orange zones, lockdowns, and storms. Nothing, absolutely nothing, undermines the splendor of Rome. Thank you, Rome.


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Tell the world what you intend to do but, first, show it. This is a quote that I have always carried with me, or almost. When passion mixes with creation, giving life to content, ignites the burning desire to make it as accessible as possible. Rome deserves much more than my strengths can achieve. Despite being trained and persistent, only together we can reach the right peak.



+39 392 1235182

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