Freezing time or playing with it

Pure Essence

A form of media that allows using time as an ingredient of creation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate photo, a portrait of a President, fashion photography, wildlife, or, my favorite, street photography. Time, timing, is the element that gives the magic touch to an image. The difference between a shot, and a photograph.



These are some of the agencies I actively work with to deliver images to media platforms, vehicles, and corporations around the world. Collaborations built over time, with which I am pleased to have contributed with thousands of photos, in all segments.


The news. At all costs!

Wherever real life is the subject of stories that we need to make public. From the streets to your eyes.


One world, multiple realities

Perhaps the hardest way to tell stories, especially if the subjects are the fruit of injustice, and differences, or, indifference. A job with a flavor of mission.


Brand stories

We all have a story to tell. People or corporations are the results of their journeys. I proudly help brands telling their stories. Beauty, and design, are just a matter of how you watch things.


Beauty meets art

A bit of photography, a lot of makeup, and the search for an expression. Everything is mixed to give life to a singular image that mixes beauty with art.


Single frame movies

Sorry world but, personally, this is the real thing. The best and most enjoyable way to use this marvelous gadget that we carry around. Freezing real life, unexpected fractions of it. Simply, the real thing.