Mindset Book in English. STEP – The Power of Decisions

Mindset Book in English [ STEP - The Power of Decisions ]

A mindset book in English, written for motivational and inspirational purposes.

With each step, you are making decisions and creating maps that can lead to your dreams and success.

Each step can change your life.

The school, and teachers, should make educational talks to students about mindset in the classroom.

The modern education, and learning system, should inspire positive thinking, self esteem, self help, and the secret of mind power.

Your thoughts create reality much more than intelligence itself.

The new psychology of success is mental wellbeing.

A mindset book to inspire a growth mindset by the smallest act of your journey through life.

The book starts with a profound question about parenting, why caring so much for the first step of a child if you don’t value all other steps you make in life?

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