Writing Stories

The simplest way to tell a story. Writing is something that we learn how to do at a very young age. From design some letters to share our dreams and thoughts with a piece of paper, the evolution is quite impressive. It’s also a great way to spend time alone. I’m an old school person from this point of view. I stil believe that a book must be read in paper. You must handle the turning of each page to feel, like the steps, the ongoing of a story. Thta’s probably why I like to write with a pencil, even if I don’t even own a rubber.

Do you care about your steps?

Mixing photography, and written pages, this book is a sort of meditation. A humble way to inspire, and motivate, mindfulness in the most simple act we do daily. I start with a question. If we celebrate so much the fist step of a child, why we don’t celebrate each of our steps?

STEP – The Power of Decisions

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Freezing Life

Pressing Pause at Life is a journey in the streets searching for moments of life to freeze. Frames that have the power, and story, of an entire movie. A collection of photographs through the lens of a camera that wanders without judging.

Pressing Pause at Life

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