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Being a Film Director is an honor. Cinema is made by people. Respect, kindness, and trust, are the ingredients to make an idea look and feel real.

The art of making ideas flow to ressonate with life

It’s hard work. Even if made with passion, it’s hard work. Cinema is an art form so complete that being able to express the exact emotion, idea, or concept, requires perfect timing, and coordination. A simple move can change the entire meaning of an intention. Nothing can be overlooked by a Film Director. As all entrepreneural endevours, the ability to sorrond yourself with amazing people, and professionals, is the key to tell the perfect story.

From a company promo, to the story of our lives

Regardless of the script to accomplish, a story must be told. Cinema is an art form that let you use all medias to make a concept, memorable. Images and music merges to give life to a unique creation to inspire, and motivate.


A film about the consequences of an abandoned, neglected love. About the omissions in a couple’s life; about the time, when we are carried by it, instead of using their possibilities.

Film Credits

Written and Directed by: Alessandro Vecchi
Actors: Milene Haddad & ZéAntonio Do Carmmo
Voiceover Artist: Jason Bermingham & Rachel Ripani
Director of Photography: Rinaldo Lima
Producers: Alessandro Vecchi & Betta Lima
Makeup Artist: Gisele Braga
Camera operation: Marcelo Myiau
Set Assistant: Igor Nuzzi
Piano Original Music: Milton Miné
Sound Design & Mix 2.0: Milton Miné,
André Ribeiro, Cuca Nabar
Original Theme Song: Alessandro Vecchi
Special Effects: Rinaldo Lima
Editor: Alessandro Vecchi
Set Catering: Carla Carletti Vecchi


Pássaro Vermelho

If you live pretending to be someone that you’re not, you are your worst nightmare!

Film Credits

Director: Alessandro Vecchi
Actress: Betta Lima
Script: Rebecca Celso & Alessandro Vecchi
Director of Photography: Alex Sernambi, AGC
Photography Assistant Director: Victor Luz
Producers: Alessandro Vecchi e Alex Sernambi, AGC
Makeup Artist: Gisele Braga
Editing: Tiago Ferracini
Editing Assistant: Chintia Imamura
Sound design & Mix: Logico Music
Sound design & Mix Team: Milton Miné e André Ribeiro.
Original Soundtrack: Alessandro Vecchi
Color Grading: Psycho n’ Look
Color Grading Team:
Image Supervisor: Marcio Pasqualino & Alessandra Casolari
Colorist: Marcio Pasqualino & Adonias Dantas
Color Grading Team: João Paulo Geraldo & Uillian Mendes
Production Coordination: Luana Daminelli & Suelen Teixeira
Executive Coordinator: Alessandra Casolari
Executive Producers: Maísa La Cava Mendonça & Paula Barone