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A playlist of creative content media to showcase all content creation tools I use to make my creative career into a business. From branding to marketing, all creative process starts with content writing, besides photography, which is a live way of creating content, especially based on the niches that I mostly work as a freelance content creator that are photojournalism, documentary, and street photography. As a full time content creator, and storyteller, as a filmmaker, being film director, cinematographer, and scriptwriter, book author, musician, and finally as an entrepreneur. Different types of marketing strategies require different content creation to craft the best inbound marketing as outbound marketing strategies and media. I use all my knowledge, and experience with marketing, branding, advertising, graphic design, and video production, having worked also as corporate Marketing Director and Brand Ambassador for many years, always responsible for all content writing, corporate video, and branding strategies. For all my projects, and brands, I develop content ideas unique to each specific market, and niches, to talk to. As an entrepreneur, I’m the founder and creative director, besides content creator, of brands in the haute couture, home decor, streetwear, and jewelry niches. Each and one of them requires a specific social media marketing strategy, blogging content writing, social media video creation, and promotion. My passion for storytelling made me overcome the fear of creating content and also show my face with my latest experience as a YouTube content creator with a vlog channel to talk about mindset, art, self-improvement, and self-esteem.