Black and White Short Story – CORRENTES


Correntes is a black and white short story about love.

A film about the consequences of abandoned, neglected love.

About the omissions in a couple’s life; about the time, when we are carried by it, instead of using their possibilities.

This short film aims to be inspiring and give something to think about to all couples.

An international and inspirational short story that hides, behind a drama concept, a positive outcome.

Mindfulness is crucial to be able to appreciate each moment and perceive that one of the major blessings in life is to find a person with whom to build a life.

Marriage is demanding but, the reasons that once made you fall in love are still there.

This film is a romantic view of the love at its core.

Boredom is not caused by other people.

Boredom is a disease of society that, sometimes, some tend to fulfill with alcohol, drugs, lust, among so many others vicious.

Correntes is a black and white short story that believes in the couple that once decided to walk together.

Correntes believes in love.

Fall in love again for your real and true love.

Film Credits:

Written and Directed by: Alessandro Vecchi
Actors: Milene Haddad & ZéAntonio Do Carmmo
Voiceover Artist: Jason Bermingham & Rachel Ripani
Director of Photography: Rinaldo Lima
Producers: Alessandro Vecchi & Betta Lima
Makeup Artist: Gisele Braga
Camera operation: Marcelo Myiau
Set Assistant: Igor Nuzzi
Piano Original Music: Milton Miné
Sound Design & Mix 2.0: Milton Miné, André Ribeiro, Cuca Nabar
Original Theme Song: Alessandro Vecchi
Special Effects: Rinaldo Lima
Editor: Alessandro Vecchi
Set Catering: Carla Carletti Vecchi

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